The Critters

We have all manner of wildlife at Nature Springs Retreat.

Below are just a few of the birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians and fish that have been spotted by our visitors.

Waterfowl: canada geese, ducks (mallard, ring-necked, american wigeon, green-winged teal, common golden-eye, common & hooded merganser)

Land Birds: ruffed grouse, california quails

Perching Birds: swallows (violet-green, n. rough-winged), hammond's flycatchers, black-billed magpies, steller's jays, american crows, chickadees (mountain, black-capped), wrens (canyon, winter, marsh), nuthatches (pygmy, white-breasted, red-breasted), warblers (orange-crowned, nashville, yellow-rumped), varied thrushes, kinglets (ruby-crowned, golden-crowned), sparrows (song, white-crowned), red-winged blackbirds, spotted towhees, western bluebirds (The Retreat is on the 'bluebird trail'), dark-eyed juncos (oregon), vireos (cassin's, warbling), clark's nutcrackers, townsend's solitaires, american robins, western meadowlarks, bullock's orioles, grosbeaks (evening and black-headed), pine siskins, veerys, say's phoebes.

Woodpeckers: woodpeckers (downy, hairy, pileated), northern flickers, red-naped sapsuckers

Cranes and their Allies: sandhill cranes, soras, virginia rails, great blue herons

Other Birds We Love: hummingbirds (calliope, rufous, black-chinned), kingfishers, mourning doves

Birds of Prey: bald eagles, owls (western screech, great horned, northern pygmy, northern saw-whet)
osprey, red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, American kestrels, merlins

Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish: racer snakes, Western rattlesnakes, rubber boas, bull (gopher) snakes, terrestrial and common garter snakes,
minnows, fish (various including carp, trout, etc.), frogs (pacific tree, spotted), western toads, long-toed salamanders, western skinks

Mammals: coyotes, moose, deer (mule, whitetail), black bears, muskrats, skunks, bats (variety), bobcats, cougars, california bighorn sheep, rodents (beaver, porcupines, pocket gophers, muskrats, yellow-bellied marmots, yellow pine chipmunks, mice, and voles), red squirrels